Summer Essentials I Love!

Are you starting to have that Summer feeling? I know I am! Summer is such a fun time to get outside, relax & unwind, and soak in all of that sunshine! In the Summer there are a few things I probably use or wear every. single. day. Read below about my Summer Essentials I can't live without!

1. Too Faced Hangover Lip Balm $23 

Lipgloss is like the finishing touch of an outfit for me. I cannot start my day without lipgloss.... and coffee of course! This Too Faced Lip Balm gives you plumper looking lips, with the perfect glossy finish! 

Too Faced Lip Balm

2. A Baseball Cap $14

A baseball cap is on my Summer list for many reasons! I love a good baseball cap because you can head out the door without doing your hair (or makeup!), protects you from the hot Summer sun, and there are so many fun colors and styles out there! 

My go to hat is a be kind, be good, or New York Yankees hat.

3. Loreal Sublime Bronze Tanning Drops  

Tanning Drops are the new thing lately! I have seen so many bloggers and other influencers use them everywhere on Instagram! I am extremely careful with what I put on my face because I have eczema. I chose to try the Loreal Sublime Tanning Drops because they are fragrance free (Fragrance Free products are a must for me with eczema). 

I mix 4-5 drops in with my daily moisturizer and have a fresh, tanned look for the rest of the day! Quick and easy, just how I like it!

Loreal Sublime Bronze Tanning Drops

4. Classic Brown Sandals $14.99

I love Summer shoes because you can pair these brown sandals with just about any outfit and it looks great! When it comes to putting outfits together I am all about a classic, comfortable look. These sandals also come in Black!

Brown Sandals

I hope everyone is off to a wonderful start to their Summer! Cheers!



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