Back to College!

It's finally the weekend which marks one week to being back at college!

Being back at college gives me such an amazing feeling. I love being surrounded by friends, studying a major I am passionate about, and watching myself grow as a young woman.

This week has been non-stop with moving into my sorority at Iowa State and beginning spirit week for recruitment.

For this blog post I just wanted to share my top ten moments from my first year at college! 

1. Move-in day at Eaton Hall

2. Primary Recruitment 

3. Joining Chi Omega

4. Iowa State Football Games

5.  Experiencing Fall at Iowa State

6. Experiencing Chi Omega

7. Friends that will last forever <3

8. Being Involved in the Greek Community

9. The Fashion Show

10. Saying Goodbye

I had such an incredible freshman year at Iowa State, I cannot wait to see what sophomore year has in store!

Stay tuned!! ;-)

With love,

b.e. good

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